Security Overview

Trevor is a modern data platform that uses a secure connection to query your database directly. Trevor does not store a copy of your database - your data stays safely and securely in your own database.

Database security and encryption

You connect your database to Trevor by entering your SSH or database credentials. These are kept strictly private and are securely encrypted using industry-standard 128-bit AES Encryption.

All connections to your database use a read-only transaction. Trevor will never write to your database or update / alter your data in any way.

SQL is sent over the wire and only the returned results are retrieved. SQL / results are transmitted using SSL security, which protects against eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.


When you export query results from Trevor, the results are temporarily cached to improve performance and protect your database from too much traffic.

These results are cached using a version 4 cryptographically strong pseudo-random UUID for 48 hours, before being automatically and permanently deleted.

Security logs

Systems used in the provision of the Trevor services log information to our logging services. We maintain an extensive logging environment for troubleshooting purposes and to enable security reviews and analysis.