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to work with data.

Trevor empowers your whole team to get answers from your database, even if they don't know SQL.

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There's a better way to work with data replaces data requests inside your company, empowering your whole team to get answers from your database data, even if they don't know SQL.

5 minute set up

No credit card needed

5-star support

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Why Trevor?

It's a common scenario.

Jeff in marketing requests a report from Rachel in engineering. She writes some SQL and sends him the results. He checks it and has 4 new questions.

Jeff's blocked until he hears back and Rachel's completely distracted from her principal objective: building product.

Enter Trevor 🚀

We free up your engineers/analysts and give your non-tech teams data superpowers.

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Everybody wins with Trevor

Fast set up and 5-star support

Engineers / analysts

Say goodbye to data requests

Trevor gives teams the power to do their own reporting even if they don't know SQL, so engineers / analysts can work distraction-free.

Trevor: Embedded Dashboards - No-code embedded dashboards for your app | Product Hunt
Trevor: Embedded Dashboards - No-code embedded dashboards for your app | Product Hunt

Non-tech teams

Unleash your inner data ninja

Our best-in-class Query Builder lets non-tech teams answer their own questions, share beautiful dashboards, set up data alerts, and lots more 🚀

Team Leads

Kickstart a data culture

Trevor is the fastest way to implement self-service analytics for your team - it takes 5 minutes to set up and pricing starts at $0 / month.

Teams large and small rely on

Trevor for Enterprise


Trevor for Enterprise

Get insights, at scale
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Beautiful customer-facing dashboards

Embedded dashboards

No-code embedded dashboards for your app

Embed beautiful, responsive dashboards into your app in minutes for your customers - no coding required!

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More reasons to choose Trevor

Secure set up in
just 5 minutes

Trevor connects directly to your database, without taking a copy of your data, and works out of the box.

Beautiful visualizations

Create and share beautiful dashboards with your team, your customers, your partners, and others. 

Build powerful workflows

Send live data to Google Sheets, Slack, email, or thousands of other apps, in just a few clicks. 

People love Trevor


Product @ Scalapay

Trevor helped me navigate our database and build queries, flows, and automation that drive impact company-wide. It’s helped us scale from a startup into the unicorn we are today. 


Strategy @ Hubble

Trevor has helped me become a data-master at Hubble, and enabled me to empower even our most junior team members to find and report data internally and to our customers. For our accounts team, Trevor is more important than Slack


CEO @ GymFlow

Great visual builder that's easy to learn even if you're new to reporting. Support for building queries is amazing and something few other brands offer.


Data @ Moteefe works like magic! 


Ops @ Zen

As someone with no prior background in data analysis, Trevor has been really user-friendly and the platform has helped me greatly in my day-to-day work.


CTO @ Wedge

Trevor has a remarkably solid UX and is nothing short of enjoyable to use!


CTO @ Aspireship

Trevor has been an absolute godsend for our team at Aspireship. We have also interacted quite a few times with their team and their support for us has been world-class.


Product @ Zen

Trevor almost single-handedly helped us become a data-driven company without flooding our development team, or needing costly data engineers. Trevor has been a core tool to grow our business.


Ops @ Op36Golf has helped us immensely in tracking our OKRs. We have dashboards that we can customize and we don't have to task our developers with helping us pull reports.


Ops @ Roofr is great because it allows you to both write SQL or use the platform's plug and play method when creating reports and pulling data. Using this product has been a breeze!


Data analyst @ Goodtime

I love using Trevor. My favourite thing is all the delivery options we have to send data to internal and external stakeholders, whether that’s a live feed of results into a Google Sheet, or a daily CSV to Amazon S3.


Customer Success @ Curemint

We freaking love this tool, it has changed the game for us!


Chief of Staff
@ Kindred

Trevor’s mix of tables & SQL UI enables me to engage my team with data in a quick, effective, and visual way. It’s the first tool I’ve seen that can help my non-technical peers jump into data without feeling like they need to learn how to code.


CTO @ Vidsy

We love!


Dev @ JGive

Trevor is now indispensable. It started out just to give the sales and marketing teams a way to make sense of the data. Since then Trevor evolved into a full-fledged alerting and reporting service. Additionally, their support is the best I've experienced.

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