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Getting started with Trevor.io

Get set up (in under 3 mins)
Connect your database to Trevor by entering your SSH or database credentials.
Trevor does not store a copy of your database - your data stays safely and securely in your own database. We send SQL over the wire and retrieve only the returned results. Learn more here.
Choose the tables / columns that should be visible to your team
Behind the scenes, Trevor works out how your data is connected, inferring the relationships between your database tables.
Ready! Let’s start exploring
Open a table, and drill down to easily find connected data
Answer ad hoc questions, on the fly
What sets Trevor apart is the power it gives you to answer even complex questions, without code (as a series of steps)
Trevor is a light touch on your database. We optimise the SQL generated from your queries and limit returned results in-platform to 100 rows. We also ensure that each Trevor user has max one query running at any one time.
Live stream results into Google Sheets and Excel
Easily get live data into other tools in a couple of clicks
Build beautiful dashboards
Share data across your team, or with customers or investors.
Easily activate, deactivate, and jump between the steps that make up your query
Anyone need help?
Sometimes, getting an answer requires some extra thought. We pride ourselves on the on-demand support we provide. Ping us on Intercom, any time, and we'll get back to you asap.
Get actionable notifications delivered to your inbox
Get notified when something important happens, like a negative review is posted / a transaction fails / a feature breaks / a new company signs up
And lots more features!
Including functionality for developers, like advanced JSON support, custom SQL, and more.

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