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    Answer even tough data questions as they arise. Then, live stream the results into tools like Google Sheets.
  • Build dashboards

    Create and share beautiful dashboards.
  • Automatic notifications

    Get notified when any event happens (e.g. email me if sign ups yesterday > 50, a new feature is used, or a new order is placed).
  • Awesome support

    Team Trevor is always ready to provide help and guidance, whenever you need it.

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Try Trevor.io free for 30 days.

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James, Growth Manager at Lexoo

Everyone from product managers to marketers at Lexoo have used Trevor to get the answers they need from our data. It's a brilliant tool that has really lightened our developers' workloads.

Vijay, Growth Manager at Moteefe

If you fall into the majority category of people who want to access and manipulate their company data but don't know SQL, don't rush to learn it, just use Trevor. The pros: there's a way to do just about everything you want! The cons: there doesn't appear to be anyone there actually named Trevor...

Boris, Operations at Ignite

After trialling other tools, I was really happy to discover Trevor.io. The pricing is very reasonable, which enabled us to fully integrate Trevor from the beginning, and the team have been really supportive!

Joe, CEO at Trail

We got Trevor set up in lightning speed. The instant insight into our data and ease and flexibility of querying means more fact and less guesswork in decision making for everyone from the product team to our customer success managers. The support has also been second to none - would strongly recommend it!

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