We've launched Embeddable.com, a dedicated toolkit for user-facing analytics

Embed beautiful, responsive dashboards into your app that are blazing fast and look and feel like native to your platform

Fast, Powerful, Native

Embed beautiful, interactive, fully-custom dashboards into your app that are blazingly fast and look and feel just like the rest of your platform.

No-code iterations

Update and iterate without touching your code.

Add to and edit your dashboards via an intuitive, no-code dashboard builder that anyone in your team can use - saving your engineers’ time.

Connectors for every database

Whether your data sits in one central data warehouse or is distributed across multiple microservices, it's easy to connect.

Secure & compatible

Row-level security as a first-class citizen, meaning that end-users only ever see exactly the data they are allowed to see. Embeddable also connects to your database via a secure, read only transaction.

The full power of code

Define reusable components / charts in React.js (or use ours), incorporating your existing design system and favourite charting libraries.

Then, effortlessly these to Embeddable's no-code builder using our SDK, where you can use them to craft remarkable analytics experiences for your users.

Ready to build a quick POC?

Come check out Embeddable.com to decide whether it's right for you.

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