Feature overview

Jump start your company's data culture. From building queries to creating dashboards, Trevor.io is a tool your team will love.

Answer data questions

Build queries, visually

Empower everyone on your team to answer ad hoc data questions, quickly and intuitively. There's no better Query Builder out there.

Get incredible support

We're really proud of the live support we provide, which is available on every plan and even includes guidance on building queries.

Join connected data

Trevor.io automatically derives your database's table relationships, making it really easy to perform joins and explore connected data.

Everything works out of the box

All of Trevor.io's functionality is available immediately, out of the box. There's no complex set up, so you can be up and running within minutes.

Write SQL

If you prefer SQL, you can write that too. You, or teammates, can even dig into the results using the query builder.

Share live results

There are multiple secure ways to share results, from simple URLs and public charts, to email and Slack messages, to Google Sheets live-streams, and more.

Upload CSVs

Have data in spreadsheets? Upload them to Trevor.io and slice and dice them using all of Trevor.io's functionality.

Advanced functionality

It's a breeze to query JSON data, create custom query columns (like in Excel or Google Sheets), perform complex aggregations, and so much more.

Access the generated SQL

Want to see the underlying SQL that's been generated by our Query Builder? No problem! Access and check this at any time.

Build beautiful dashboards

Create unlimited dashboards

You can build as many dashboards as you like and display a wide range of different chart types, from multi-line charts to donut-pies.

Customize the details

There are a huge number of ways to customize your charts, from renaming axes, to including missing dates, to using your company color scheme.

Share and embed dashboards

Share your dashboards with just the right people via public or private URLs, embed them in other tools, and more.

Filter the data

Add filters to your dashboards so your team can easily look at different combinations of data segments from the same dashboard.

Schedule snapshots via Slack

Have a snapshot of your dashboard automatically sent to you, teammates, or investors, at regular intervals via Slack or email.

Set up automatic workflows

Live stream results to Google Sheets

In just a couple of clicks, you can send live data directly to Google Sheets and have it update automatically every hour.

Send customer data to [app]

Need to send customer data to Salesforce? Via our Zapier integration, you can send data to hundreds of apps, including Salesforce, Intercom, Airtable & more.

Get data alerts in Slack

Stay on top of your business by triggering custom Slack messages when things you're interested in happen (e.g. a large order is placed).

Send results via email

Have query results automatically sent to you, teammates, or investors, at regular intervals.

Map your database

Visualize relationships

Trevor automatically generates an interactive diagram of your database so you can understand the relationships that exist and explore the data.

Search tables / columns

Easily search for tables or fiels in your database - Trevor will return and highlight the most relevant results for you.

Lightning fast to set up

Tables, columns and joins are detected automatically. Add and remove tables from your diagram at the click of a button.

Always up-to-date

As your schema changes, the relationships in your diagram automatically update without any work on your side.

Security is our first priority

Connect securely

Connect your database to Trevor by entering your SSH or database credentials. These are kept stricly private and are securely encrypted.

We do not copy your database

Trevor does not store a copy of your database. SQL is sent over the wire and only the returned results are retrieved (and transmitted using SSL security).

Connections use a read-only transaction

All connections to your database use a read-only transaction. Trevor will never write to your database or update / alter your data in any way.

Access detailed audit trails

Your team admins can get access to detailed reports containing the actions each team members has performed and data they have accessed.

Control team permissions

It is common to create a database user with specific permissions for use with Trevor. You can also set table / column level permissions via Trevor's interface.

Results are transmitted securely

SQL / results are transmitted using SSL security, which protects against eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Performance optimizations

We have multiple features in place to speed up building queries and protect your database, including rate-limiting and temporary caching of results.

Learn more

You can learn more about data security, privacy, and GDPR, as well as our general terms and customer agreements, here.

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