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Trevor.io lets you send data from your database to Google Sheets and have it update automatically every hour. In just a couple of clicks.

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What's the usecase?

There are lots of reasons you might want to get live data into a tool like Google Sheets.

For example, take Jeff. For whatever reason, Jeff just loves spreadsheets and isn't interested in that new BI tool everyone's raving about.

Trouble is, Jeff needs up-to-date data, but no-one has time to perform daily data exports for him.

Enter Trevor.io.

Trevor.io lets you query your database and easily send the results to Google Sheets. What's more, those results will update every hour, automatically.

FAQs for importing live results into Google Sheets

How does it work?

Start by creating a query against your database (with SQL or using Trevor's query builder). Once saved, Trevor will provide you with a share link you can use to export the live results directly into Google Sheets. You don't need to copy the table or do anything manually - just copy and paste the share link into any cell in Google Sheets and it will pull in the latest results.

How many rows can I import?

Google Sheets has both cell and size (kb) limits when importing data. If you hit the limit, we have methods that enable you to import more data into the same Sheet.

What databases are supported?

We currently support Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, Redshift, Snowflake, and SQL Server, with more coming soon

How does Trevor.io connect to my database?

Trevor connects directly to your database using a read-only transaction. Your credentials are kept strictly private and are securely encrypted using industry standard 128-bit AES Encryption. We're trusted by companies, large and small, around the globe.

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