A self-service data platform your team will love

Trevor empowers everyone on your team to easily get answers from your database, even if they don’t know SQL.

Intuitive and powerful

This is what sets Trevor apart.

There’s a beautiful SQL editor for technical teams, and a best-in-class Query Builder for non-technical teams - intuitive and powerful enough that they’ll never need to fall back to sending data requests, ever again.

- Upload CSVs
- Create and re-use base queries
- Powerful drill-downs
- Shareable links
- Easy collaboration

Fits like a glove

Seamless integrates with your data stack.

Trevor sits natively on top of the most popular databases (Postgres, MySQL, Redshift, Big Query, Snowflake, SQL Server, MariaDB and more), plays nicely with dbt, and allows you to easily send relevant data, alerts and reports to your favourite tools.

Make your data work for you

Create powerful workflows

Live-stream data to Google Sheets and have it update automatically. Send custom data alerts to Slack when something you care about happens. Trigger actions in other apps via our Zapier integration, and lots more.

Safe and secure

- Trevor doesn't copy your database.
- Enforce SSO for your team.
- Turn features (like downloads, live-streams etc) on / off.
- Access detailed audit logs.
- Run a self-hosted version of Trevor.

Always there for you

You're backed up by 5-star support.

We know data can be complicated and sometimes even scary for beginners. That's why our team of data professionals are available for you and your team anytime help is needed, whether you’re getting set up or building a complex report.

Hey, good lookin'!

Collaborate on gorgeous reports & dashboards

Build unlimited dashboards that can be shared internally with your team, or externally with customers, partners & investors.

Access a vast and growing array of charts, and customize the details to your needs, including the colours, the formatting, the legend and labels, and more.

Want to embed dashboards in your app?

Check our embedded dashboards

Ready to give it a try?

We recommend building a simple dashboard to get started.

Just connect your database (it takes 2 minutes) and you’re good to go.

It’s free to try, and we’re here to help!

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