Built for enterprises,
large and small

Trevor is secure, flexible, and teams actually love using it

Data Protection

Access Management

Cloud or self-hosted

Trevor for Enterprise


Built to scale

Trevor gets engagement: teams love using it because it breaks bottlenecks and it's so easy to get started.

Trevor just works, no matter the size or state of your data.

Get personalized training for your team, included.

Get peace of mind with 99.9% uptime.


Features to keep your team secure

Enforce SSO across your team.

Control user permissions with advanced access management systems.

Access audit logs showing a complete history of user activity.

Easily turn off / limit access to features like downloads, data exports, and background query refreshes.

Data Protection

Your data is protected

Trevor uses industry-accepted best practices and frameworks.

Trevor cannot alter your underlying data.

Trevor doesn't store a copy of your database - your data stays safely and securely in your own database.


Pricing that fits your business

Custom pricing to fit your setup, usage, and desired level of support.

Flexible contracts with monthly or annual payment options.

Work with a transparent sales cycle and team - no jumping through hoops just to get your questions answered.

The next steps

A typical buying scenario

1. We have a 30-minute call to discuss your needs & go through any questions you have regarding Trevor.

2. We'll send over a summary & price proposal based on your expected usage.

3. Once everything is agreed with your internal teams, you can connect your database in just 20 minutes.

4. Book in your custom training sessions with our Trevor experts, or dive in on your own with our in-product onboarding. Our team will be there for you throughout.

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