Data privacy overview

This is intended as a summary. For specific questions, please read our privacy policy.

Trevor is a modern data platform that makes controlling and managing user access straight forward and secure.

Trevor does not store a copy of your database. SQL is sent over the wire and only the returned results are retrieved.

Only members of your team you specifically invite (referred to as 'Collaborators') can query your datasource via Trevor. Collaborators cannot invite other Collaborators or view your database credentials.

Access to any specific Collaborator can be easily revoked at any time.

Collaborators authenticate using their Google or company email accounts. Passwords are not stored. Authentication is done using BCrypt hashing.

It is common to create a database user with specific table / column level permissions for use with Trevor, so that sensitive or irrelevant data can be hidden. However, you can also set table / column level permissions for your company, specific teams, or specific Collaborators (row-level permissions are also possible) via Trevor's interface.

You can control query limits for your team, including row export limits and query timeouts.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via or via the black Intercom.