Get data alerts in Slack

Create custom Slack notifications using data from query results

Combine text with data to generate context-specific Slack messages that get triggered when your queries have new results.

It's a brilliant way to share snapshot summaries of key data with your team, or get notified when things you care about happen.

Trevor Bot
130 users upgraded yesterday
Trevor Bot
Top selling region yesterday: New York
Trevor Bot
0 new user reviews posted in the last hour. Check for potential issues.
Trevor Bot
Someone from Tesla just signed up. Reach out via email and/or LinkedIn.

Create your first in 2 minutes

(You'll need a account)

1) Log in to Trevor

2) Open an existing saved query, or save a new one

3) Click the Share button

4) Select the Create Slack Alert tab

5) Follow the simple instructions there to connect to Slack (in less than a minute)

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