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Export up to 50k rows / query

60 second query timeout



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Unlimited team members

Export 250k rows / query

10 minute query timeout

Amazon Redshift Support

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Unlimited team members

Export unlimited rows / query

2 hour query timeout

Amazon Redshift Support

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Can I try Trevor for free?

Yes, we give you 14 days free to try Trevor with your team.

How long does it take to set up?

Trevor takes just 90 seconds to set up and works out of the box, doing some clever things like deriving the relationships between your database tables!

Is my data safe?

Yes, data security is our top priority. Trevor doesn't store your data and connects to your database via a read-only transaction - your underlying data is secure and cannot be altered in any way.

Can I control query limits?

Sure! You can control global limits for your entire team, including row limits and query timeouts.

Can I limit access to specific tables?

Good question, the answer to which is yes! You can control which specific database tables your team are able to access and query.

Do data analysts like Trevor?

They sure do! By empowering people to answer their own ad hoc questions, as they arise, we enable analysts to focus on larger projects without distraction.

I need help with something else.

We're happy to help! Ping us through Intercom, or email