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What's included:

  •    3,000 credits / mo
  •    All features
  •    Unlimited users

What's included:

  •    / mo
  •    All features
  •    Unlimited users
$500+ / mo

What's included:

  •    30,000+ credits / mo
  •    All features
  •    Unlimited users
  •    Priority support
  •    SSO
  •    User audit logs
  •    Self-hosted option

What is a credit?

A credit is an economic unit you can use to run queries in

Queries can be:

  • ad hoc queries (20 credits each)
  • dashboard refreshes (1 credit per query)
  • alerts (1 credit per run)
  • data feeds (1 credit per update)


3,000 credits / mo gives you:

  • 150 adhoc queries
  • 25 dashboards refreshing daily
  • 18 alerts running hourly

8,000 credits / mo gives you:

  • 400 adhoc queries
  • 8 dashboards refreshing hourly
  • 16 alerts running every 20 minutes

(assumes an alert, or a dashboard with 6 queries, refreshing Monday-Friday, during working hours)

Included in every plan

Top support Live help from humans, when your team needs it
Unlimited teammates Invite your whole team (with varying permissions)
Free training Get free, live training and onboarding for your whole team

Frequently Asked Questions

What do companies love most about

We offer really great support. Ask us anything (data related!) and we'll try our very best to help you, in real-time, via live chat (or Zoom, or phone, or even by dropping in if you happen to be closeby in London or Berlin!).

Is for me?

Companies of all shapes and sizes around the world use But most of our customers are venture-backed startups, with 10-200 employees, operating an online service (think SaaS/marketplace), with data-hungry product, operations, customer success, and growth teams, and busy busy busy engineers and/or analysts keen to empower their teammates to answer their own questions.

Does Trevor store a copy of my database?

No, your data stays safely and securely in your own database. We send SQL over the wire and only retrieve the returned results.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. We'll downgrade you at the end of your billing month and won't take any more payments.

Could Trevor affect my underlying data?

No. All connections to your database use a read-only transaction.

Is Trevor a heavy load on my database?

No. We have measures in place to protect your database from too much traffic. For instance, we limit returned results in-platform to 100 rows, and make sure each teammate has only one active connection at a time.

Is Trevor GDPR compliant?

Yes. You can review our Privacy and Legal documents here.

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