Visualize your database schema

Automatically generate an interactive Entity Relationship Diagram (aka an 'ER Diagram' or 'ERD') from your existing SQL cloud database

Lightning fast to set up

Tables, columns and joins are detected automatically.

Always up-to-date

As your schema changes, your ER diagram automatically updates.

Easy to collaborate

Invite and work directly with your teammates

What is an ER Diagram?

An ER diagram, ERD, or entity relationship diagram, is a graphical representation of your database schema. It shows the tables (or "entities") as boxes, with connecting lines representing the (foreign key) relationships that exist between them. Usually, a table's columns are displayed too, including the primary and foreign key columns, between which the connecting lines are drawn.

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Create your diagram, fast

(1) Connect your database supports a wide range of databases and automatically detects...

(2) Create and arrange your diagram

Select which tables and columns should be included in your diagram by simply clicking "Add to map" from the left sidebar. Foreign key relationships are detected automatically.

(3) It will stay up-to-date, automatically.

We use foreign keys and standard naming conventions to automatically detect the relationships between your database tables. You can also easily add / modify these joins by hand. This means that your diagram stays effortlessly up-to-date whenever your schema changes.

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