Pricing and set-up

Trevor is FREE for one user.

Set up time: 3-5 minutes

Each additional teammate


per month

Teams of any size can try Trevor free for one month.


Downloads and exports

We charge a fixed price for your whole team for the amount of data you want to export or download at a time.


  • Up to
    100 rows
  • Up to
    5,000 rows
  • Up to
    50,000 rows
  • Up to
    250,000 rows

Safe and secure

  • Connect your database to Trevor by entering your read-only database (or SSH) credentials. These are kept strictly private and are securely encrypted using industry standard 128-bit AES Encryption. We provide a static IP for whitelisting.
  • Trevor does not store a copy of your database. We send SQL over the wire and retrieve only the returned results. Your data stays safely and securely in your database.
  • All SQL / results are transmitted using SSL security, and all connections use a read-only transaction (Trevor cannot, and will not, write to your database or update / alter it in any way).
  • When you export query results from Trevor, the results are temporarily cached to improve performance and protect your database from too much traffic. These results are cached (using a version 4 cryptographically strong pseudo random UUID) for 24 hours, before being permanently deleted.

Work safely with others

  • Only team members you specifically invite can view your data in Trevor. They cannot view your credentials or invite other users (unless you explicitly make them an administrator). You can revoke access at any time.
  • Invited team members authenticate using their Google or company email accounts. We do not store your passwords. Authentication is done using BCrypt hashing.
  • You can set table / column level permissions for your company, specific teams, or specific individuals (row-level permissions are also possible).
  • You can control query limits for your team, including row export limits and query timeouts.

Set up time: 3-5 minutes

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