If you’ve been following our sprint series, in which we detail what we’re working on, you’ll know that our primary focus since summer ’19 has been building “New World“, a new and improved version of Trevor.io’s interface.

A major benefit of New World is that you can add query steps (summarize, filter, sort, new column etc) inline instead of via modals. This makes building queries faster and easier, as you can see in the GIF halfway down the page in Tom’s summary of Sprint 4: New World Prototype.

We’ve been adding this functionality to each step-type one sprint at a time. It’s challenging because it requires a lot of thinking and, in some cases, a complete redesign/rebuild to make it all work.

In Sprint 9, our main goal was to enable inline-editing for filter steps.

SO, here’s how it works in Old World

And here’s how it will work in New World

Hopefully you’ll agree that it’s a cleaner, simpler, and also faster experience πŸ€“. (If not, please do let me know!! πŸ™ˆ)

This was a challenging, but really enjoyable sprint. Trevor.io’s front-end is built with React.js and I learned a lot creating the various components.

For all you planning geeks (like me), here’s what our Notion board looks like:

It turned out to be a pretty massive sprint and we eventually reached the end of our allotted time. As you can see, there’s still quite a lot left!

We’re trying to be more strict about ending sprints on time, as it’s far too easy to spend days / weeks / even months working on something before releasing a usable version.

I’m super excited to finish this change. I’m really enjoying creating filters in this way and I’m confident our users will too.

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