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Sprint 8: Addressing New World feedback

So, the feedback on Sprint 6 came back thick and fast.

Huge thanks to all of you who tried out the New World Beta and left us your feedback.

Feedback was mainly very positive, which was great to hear, but among the feedback there were a few recurring themes:

  • “The steps in the sidebar are too big (I can only see 4 or 5 steps at a time).”
  • “It seems to be more clicks than the old version.”
  • “I like it …. I just struggle with change. 😄”

So, to tackle these, this sprint was all about addressing those recurring concerns.

Smaller Steps

The biggest challenge of all was how to make the steps more compact so that they:

  1. fit horizontally within the limited horizontal space provided by a sidebar
  2. while not taking up more vertical space than the old steps.

Just to give context, here is what the steps look like in current Trevor (conservative of vertical space, but take up the full screen width):

Here is what the “new world” (i.e. current Beta) steps look like (each step takes up a couple of lines of vertical space so you can only see 4 or 5 steps at a time):

And here is what we decided upon, during this sprint, for a more compact version of “new world” steps:

Notice the difference in the size of the steps, in the left sidebar, in the images above.

It actually took a lot of iterations to get to this more compact version (thanks Harry, both for your incredible patience with me during this sprint and your rapid ability to iterate on versions! ☺️). The biggest challenge was how to keep the steps compact, while still being able to manipulate the steps with as few clicks as possible.

Fewer clicks

So, the second big challenge for this sprint was on how to reduce the number of clicks required to add new steps.

Our previous version had a big + icon next to each step, which made adding steps very clear (see image above), but the number of clicks required each time was annoyingly high (e.g. 3 clicks in the image above, just to ‘filter rows’).

Here you can see how we’ve improved it during this sprint:

Far fewer clicks, and hopefully still clear and intuitive to use.

Keep the feedback coming

New World still has a long way to go, but we’re excited about the direction it is taking.

Please do keep the feedback coming (tweet usemail us or ping us via the blue Intercom at Trevor.io).

The more feedback you give us, the better Trevor gets. 🙌

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