1. Sprints

Sprint 6: New World Beta!

The results of Sprint 4 are in and it’s a green light!

The learning curve for new users was significantly improved and all test users were seen comfortably using the “New World” prototype to add, remove and edit query steps without difficulties. 🙌

The next stage is New World Beta by which we mean: let’s get a Beta version of the New World interface in front of our existing customers and see what they think.

Goals for this sprint:

  • Add a visible toggle in Trevor to enable existing customers to try out a Beta version of the “New World” interface.
  • New World Beta must support editing all existing saved queries (and vice versa).
  • Customers should be prompted to give us written feedback if they switch to New World Beta and then switch back again.

We then use Trevor to track the feedback you give us (quickly fixing UX issues wherever possible) and we track the ratio between customers who start using New World and those who switch back.

So far so good.

New World Beta is now available in Trevor.io. Log in and flip the BETA toggle to try it out.