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Sprint 4: New World prototype

This is where it starts to get exciting. Harry and I have an idea (think “vision!”) for what we call “New World” – a new and vastly improved version of Trevor’s Query Builder.

The power of Trevor’s Query Builder comes in understanding the concept of steps and how queries are made up of them.

We’ve found that this concept isn’t always obvious to new Trevor users (a bit like using Photoshop before you understand the power of layers … until you do, it’s pretty confusing … but when you do, suddenly everything makes way more sense!).

Our vision for New World Trevor is to make steps more of a first-class citizen, so that steps are just as visible as results.

And excitingly: as you change the steps, the results are automatically and dynamically updating before your eyes.

Implementing a completely new interface for Trevor’s query builder is of course way beyond the scope of a single sprint, so this sprint is all about putting together a basic working prototype of New World and asking friends and family (i.e. people who have zero experience in using Trevor) to record themselves solving challenging problems using the new interface.

We used Loom for the recordings – love this product!

Here is Gaz, my cousin’s husband, trying out the Trevor.io New World prototype for the first time. Thanks Gaz!

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