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Sprint 11: Dashboard Filters

The missing feature for dashboards is finally here. Dashboard filters!

This means applying filters to some property (like “country” in the image below) and having that filter instantly apply to all relevant dashboard widgets.

The way they work is that you can add multiple dashboard filters to each dashboard and each dashboard filter has a name (such as country, created_at or email, etc.). It also has a type (such as text, number or date).

Once you’ve chosen those, you just need to decide how that filter will connect to each of the saved queries in your dashboard.

Here above you can see that we’ve configured our dashboard filter to be connected to the country column in the customers table in each of our saved queries.

That means that when we apply that filter the filter will be applied to all the widgets in the dashboard (like in the image below).

Voila – we can now filter our dashboards however and whenever we like.

The final touch is providing “preset options”:

These are the default options that are available when applying your filter.

As you can see, those options now appear in the dropdown for you to choose.

Do try out dashboard filters and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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